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By John McLusky - (Daily Express - Daily Star)

The Artist himself!

Welcome to the James Bond Comic Strip Artwork Site. This is all about John McLusky, the Artist who started it all with the Face of Bond back in 1958. A drawing of 007 sparked an empire in print and eventually Films... and John was a major part of it.

John was very fortunate, he managed to retrieve a lot of his original panels from the Express. From the very first, “Casino Royale” (1958) right through to the last story he drew (1983), “The Scent Of Danger”.

Many of the panels have survived the years (some being subject to damp damage in the early days whilst stored at the Newspaper) and look absolutely excellent. John’s skill, meticulous attention to detail and perfect penmanship made this a unique part of history.

I intend to develop this site gradually, as I collate more information about Dad, the Artist.

Enjoy what I have here and come back for more!

Graham J. McLusky

James Bond 007 Casino Royale 1958

The first story drawn in 1958 “Casino Royale”


On the following pages will be examples of John’s work and plenty of information, recollections, facts etc.

Also there will be pages dedicated to his other artwork which includes children’s comics, TV programmes, Graphics and more...

John McLusky, ever the gentleman
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