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THE FACE OF JAMES BOND - Was an ambitious project staged by my Brother Sean & his Wife Katie in 1995. It took place at the Barbican Centre in London and was a huge success. It showed a wide cross section of John’s original Bond Strip Cartoons to a very receptive audience.

It has been said on numerous occasions that the face John drew back in the 50’s influenced the selection of Sean Connery for the part of Bond himself! Don’t forget that the face was drawn 3 years before the first film, Dr No was made!

The Official Invite (Click to enlarge)

John and family friend Jane in the middle, flanked by the two Smirnoff Girls!

The two Smirnoff Girls and John. Someone may know who the chap in the suit is??

DESIGNING 007 - 50 YEARS OF BOND STYLE - Barbican - 6th July - 5th Sept

17 years later... Bond is back at the Barbican. Let’s trust that they acknowledge John for creating some of that style with his meticulous artwork!