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Dad had an artist’s studio built at the far end of the garden, so that he could work on the Bond Strip and other work he was undertaking at the time. I remember as a child, visiting him in the studio. He was always busy but never seemed to mind the visit occasionally. I found it all rather fascinating and mysterious. The studio eventually became his home when he and mum parted company and he lived there for many happy years, working, teaching at the local college and private schools. In his later years he rekindled his love of the Punch and Judy Show and became a Professor, giving shows at Filey and local events. He loved life and loved people.

My parents ran a Theatre Company called The Elizabethans, producing Elizabethan era farcical “Jiggs” and court entertainments, plus a splendid and spectacular mediaeval morality play “Rex Vivus”. All these were performed along with music and dance of the times in Country Houses and Cathedrals around the UK. (When I have time I will put up a web site all about this). Dad was very much part of this company and acted many roles, serious and comical. He was very dedicated to the cause!

After Bond, Dad continued drawing comic strips for children’s comics; TV Comic, Look and Learn, June, Ladybird. He also drew big static cartoons for Children’s TV like “Hattytown” and “George The Dragon” His pen constantly conjouring up wonderful imagery and colour!


I will also be putting up some pages covering his other varied cartoon styles...

About John John McLusky 007 Comic Art Original Daily Express

Dad in his Studio in 1983 - Note the chair... From Goldfinger!
Photo: Graham Rye

James Bond 007 face 1960 comic strip cartoon art

The Face of Bond!

About John (continued)